Edge computing with crappy internet – what do we do

One of the problems with edge computing that is being proposed, is that Australia still has crappy internet connectivity.

Cloud based systems, the ones needed to crunch the numbers still has a basic need to get all of the required information into the cloud based system as fast as possible.

Even with pre digested data that could come from edge computing systems, we still have a need for an improvement in the one part that keeps failing Australia and that is fast affordable internet.

I have seen a proposal a couple of years ago by cisco called mist networks, a system of computations closer to the terrestrial world than the cloud. This system was designed to be used to pre process information in data centres before it being passed to the cloud systems.

There are a couple of problems – how do we get the monoliths like salesforce, google, facebook or you tube to allow their propitiatory system to be used outside there control. To me it will never happen unless there is a way for them to put their propitiatory system into data centres and ISP’s.

So we still keep coming back to low speed internet. In some places in Australia it is good but in others it is absolutely shocking. Not only speed, but implementation, supply chain and jurisdiction problems are occurring all of the time.

In Canberra, a number of problems with the migration from ADSL2 to NBN has had clients significantly impacted by jurisdiction issues between telstra and NBN co.

Each company blaming the other, that include us having permission on both telstra and NBN to act in our clients interest and knowing our way around telecommunication networks, If we have problems I can understand the frustration some business customers would have without that knowledge.

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